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Electrical Safety Check

Keeping your home safe from unforeseen danger can be hard. If the danger is unforeseen , then how can you keep safe? The answer is to eliminate as much of the unforeseen as possible. That means we look where we are able to look for any tell-tale signs of wear, tear and potential hazards. Here […]

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US Department of Energy

ARPA-E is an innovative and collaborative government agency that brings together America’s best and brightest scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs. The department has committed $125 million for energy innovation in the coming year. Applications are being accepted through February 20.2015 to early stage, high-risk projects by universities and companies that are working to make innovations in […]

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Ice at Silverstone Castle

Batteries are not as efficient as ice and molten salt for storing energy, say top scientists. The reason is cost. It’s terribly expensive to store energy in even the most technologically modern batteries. That’s why solar and wind-powered energy generating plants use alternative storage methods, including ice and molten salt. This article explores why batteries are […]

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April 8, 2017 @ 10:09 am | Category:Electricity, Electronics, Local News | Tags:
2015 Global LED Lighting Market

As the LED lighting industry begins to mature, the future is all green. We have the global lighting market inside report by LEDinside for you right here. LED lighting is now being used all over the world and the growth in this market is huge. I was going to say “substantial” but it goes beyond […]

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Furnace or Space Heater

Furnaces or space heaters — which will both keep you warm and save you money this winter? Let’s find out. People looking to replace their existing furnaces may consider space heaters as an alternative, but are they less expensive to own and operate? Do they provide the heat needed to warm up a big, cold […]

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