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Bill Frovich Electric offers the best electrical solutions in town, blending experience, safety, and precision for unbeatable service in residential and commercial projects.

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When it comes to reliable and professional electrical services, Bill Frovich Electric stands out as the leading provider. With a reputation built on over three decades of excellence, our certified electricians deliver comprehensive solutions tailored to each customer’s unique needs. From state-of-the-art installations to meticulous safety inspections and energy-efficient upgrades, we are committed to ensuring the highest standards of quality and service. Our 24/7 emergency response and commitment to using the latest technologies make us the go-to experts for all electrical needs, ensuring peace of mind for homeowners and businesses alike. Choose Bill Frovich Electric, where safety and satisfaction are always guaranteed.

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Upgrade your safety and efficiency with Bill Frovich Electric’s expert electrical panel upgrades, ensuring your system meets today’s standards and future power demands.

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Trust Bill Frovich Electric for expert electrical switch installation, offering seamless integration, modern functionality, and enhanced safety for your home or business.    

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Ensure uninterrupted power and safety with Bill Frovich Electric’s annual maintenance services, preventing electrical issues and promoting longevity in your system’s performance.

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At Bill Frovich Electric, we stand out as the premier choice for electrical services, thanks to our unparalleled commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Our certified professionals bring extensive expertise and a passion for quality to every job, ensuring your electrical needs are met with the utmost precision and care. 

With our commitment to safety, efficiency, and the latest industry standards, clients trust us for everything from routine maintenance to complex installations. Our transparent pricing, coupled with our responsive and courteous service, makes us a top pick for those who value peace of mind and reliability. Choosing us means investing in a seamless electrical experience tailored to ensure your home or business operates at its best.


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Needed some electrical work at my house done quickly to pass a permit inspection. Called Bill Frovich around 10am and they were at my house before noon that day. The guy was quick, professional, and did a good job. Prices were reasonable too.


I use Bill Frovich for all my house electrical needs. Bill and his team have taken care of ever little detail and job that i needed. Bill’s staff are top notch workers and I would highly recommend them for any home or business owner that needs an Electrician.


I contacted them to complete wiring in my garage that a previous company did not finish. They came out promptly and their service was excellent the cost was very reasonable. I would definitely use them again and recommend them to others. Very satisfied.


Your employees were great. They cleaned up as best possible and did minimal damage to our walls and ceilings. They were polite and hardworking. I would have no hesitation in recommending your business to others, and I will do so. Thank you again for the service, it is appreciated

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Frequently Asked Questions

Explore common queries about our services, costs, and safety procedures with Bill Frovich Electric’s comprehensive FAQ section, designed to inform and reassure our clients.

An electrical service is a critical component of a property’s electrical system that involves the planning, installation, maintenance, and repair of electrical infrastructure. This comprehensive service encompasses a range of activities necessary to ensure that electrical systems function efficiently, safely, and in compliance with all relevant regulations and codes.

The scope of an electrical service can vary widely and includes the initial design and planning of the electrical layout in a new building, the installation of wiring, outlets, circuit breakers, and other electrical components, as well as the integration of various electrical appliances and fixtures. It also covers the upgrade of existing electrical systems to accommodate new technologies or increased power demands.

Regular maintenance is another crucial aspect of an electrical service. It involves periodic inspections and testing to identify and rectify potential issues before they evolve into serious problems. Preventive maintenance helps in extending the lifespan of electrical components and ensuring that they operate at optimal efficiency.

In the case of malfunctions or damage, electrical service also includes repair work to restore the system to its proper working condition. This might involve troubleshooting issues, replacing faulty wiring or components, and ensuring that all repairs meet safety standards.

Professional electrical service providers, like licensed electricians, are equipped to handle these tasks with expertise. They are trained to adhere to the latest safety standards and building codes, ensuring that the electrical services they provide are not only effective but also compliant with legal and safety requirements.

Electrical services are essential for several critical reasons. Safety is paramount; electrical systems can be hazardous if not properly installed or maintained, leading to risks such as electric shocks, fires, or short circuits. Professional electrical services ensure that your home or business’s electrical infrastructure is safely set up and operating correctly.

Moreover, the complexity of modern electrical systems requires specialized knowledge. Licensed electricians are trained to handle complex wiring, understand building codes, and troubleshoot issues effectively. This expertise is vital to prevent potential problems and maintain an efficient, reliable system.

Additionally, the durability and functionality of your electrical system depend on the quality of its installation and maintenance. Electrical services provided by professionals ensure that all components of your system are up to date and functioning at peak performance, which can save you from costly and inconvenient breakdowns or repairs in the future.

Lastly, compliance with local electrical codes and regulations is a legal necessity. Electrical services ensure that your installations and upgrades are code-compliant, helping you avoid fines and ensuring your eligibility for insurance claims. Overall, professional electrical services are a wise investment in the safety, efficiency, and compliance of your property’s electrical setup.

Common electrical issues in both homes and businesses can range from minor inconveniences to significant hazards that require immediate attention. Here are a few frequent problems:

1. Circuit Breaker Trips: One of the most common issues is the tripping of circuit breakers, which can occur when a circuit is overloaded, causing a safety shutdown to prevent overheating and potential fires.

2. Flickering or Dimming Lights: This can indicate a poor connection and can lead to intermittent power and potential safety issues. 

3. Outdated Wiring: Especially in older homes or buildings, outdated knob and tube wiring or aluminum wiring can be a fire hazard and may not support modern appliances’ power demands.

4. Faulty Outlets or Switches: Non-functioning outlets or switches could suggest a poor connection or a deeper electrical problem within the circuit.

5. Surges and Spikes: Electrical surges can happen due to lightning strikes, damaged power lines, or faulty appliances and can damage electronics.

6. Overheating Wires or Appliances: Overheating can be caused by overloaded circuits or faulty wiring and may lead to damage or fire.

7. Grounding Issues: Proper grounding is essential for safety. Without it, there is an increased risk of shock or electrocution.

Addressing these issues promptly with professional electrical services is critical to maintaining a safe and functional environment in homes and businesses.

Identifying an electrical problem early in your home or office can prevent costly repairs and dangerous situations. Here are several signs that can indicate an underlying electrical issue:


1. Circuit Breaker Trips:

Regular tripping of circuit breakers is a clear sign that circuits are overloaded or there may be a short circuit somewhere in the system. While occasional trips can happen and are a sign that the breaker is doing its job, frequent occurrences warrant a professional inspection.

2. Flickering or Dimming Lights:

If your lights flicker or dim occasionally, it could be a sign of a poor connection within the circuit. If changing the lightbulb doesn’t fix the issue, the problem could be with the wiring.

3. Odd Smells or Burning Odor:

A new appliance may produce an unusual smell upon first use; however, if you detect an unexplained burning odor coming from an appliance, outlet, or switch, turn off and unplug anything connected to it immediately. This could indicate an overheating component or fire hazard.

4. Shock or Tingling Sensation:

Feeling a mild shock or tingling when touching an appliance is a sign that the appliance is improperly grounded or there’s a fault in the house wiring.

5. Outlets or Switch Plates That Are Warm to Touch:

Outlets or switch plates that are warm to the touch could indicate an electrical problem. Overheating is a serious warning sign.

6. Discolored Power Outlets or Switches:

Discoloration indicates that there has been a small fire or arcing behind the outlet, caused by loose or damaged wiring.

7. Persistent Electrical Surges:

Frequent surges, caused by anything from lightning strikes to damaged power lines or faulty appliances, can damage electronics and reduce their lifespan.

8. High Electric Bills:

If your electricity bill is unusually high, it may be due to leaky electrical connections, inefficient appliances, or an outdated electrical system.

If you notice any of these signs, it’s best to consult a licensed electrician who can perform a thorough diagnosis and address any issues. Routine electrical maintenance can also help catch problems early before they become severe.

DIY projects can be both fulfilling and cost-effective for many types of home improvements. However, when it comes to electrical repairs, caution is crucial. The primary concerns with DIY electrical work are safety, legality, and the potential cost of mistakes.

Safety Concerns:

Electricity is inherently dangerous. It poses a risk of shock, electrocution, and can create fire hazards if not handled correctly. Professional electricians undergo extensive training to learn how to work safely with electrical systems. They understand how to navigate the dangers of both high voltage and the subtler risks of electrical work, such as the importance of grounding and recognizing non-standard wiring that may have been added over the years.

Attempting DIY repairs without this expertise can lead to:

– Electric shocks: Even low voltage can cause serious injury or be fatal.

– Fires: Incorrect wiring can overheat, creating a fire risk hidden within walls.

– Damage to appliances and electronics: Mistakes in DIY electrical repairs can send surges through the system, damaging sensitive electronics.

Legality and Compliance:

In many jurisdictions, electrical work is legally required to be carried out by licensed professionals. Even seemingly simple tasks like replacing outlets or light fixtures might need to adhere to specific codes and standards. Non-compliance can lead to difficulties with insurance claims, should a problem arise, and can impact the resale value of your home, with potential legal ramifications if non-professional work leads to damage or injury.

Potential Costs:

A mistake in DIY electrical work can lead to more than just the immediate risks of injury or property damage. If an issue isn’t apparent right away, it could cause hidden problems that only become apparent over time, potentially leading to much higher costs down the line. Also, if an unqualified individual performs the work, it may all need to be redone by a professional to meet safety standards.

For these reasons, it’s generally not safe for most homeowners to attempt DIY electrical repairs. The potential risks far outweigh the benefits. If you identify an electrical problem in your home, the best course of action is to turn off power to the affected area if possible, and consult a licensed electrician who can safely and effectively perform the necessary repairs.

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